Currently, there are millions of websites competing with each other in order to generate more traffic. Also, there are many companies that have digitized their services offering different web graphic design techniques or web design to help them achieve their goals. However, there are few sites that base their designs on the user experience (UX). Such is the case of Mandreel, a website where you can find different solutions for your digital marketing strategy.

Regardless of the niche, sector, or industry in which your business idea is developed, it is necessary that it has a satisfactory digital experience for your customers. And that is precisely where the application of UX design, or web design based on user experience, comes in.

All UX design aims to create a good perception of a product, service, or device through an experience where the customer only has to make a minimal effort to enjoy it. To achieve this, it is necessary to implement different elements to provide a better user experience, which knows very well.

Elements that considers in UX Design

Unlike the common graphic or web design, it is necessary to comply with some basic principles when implementing UX Design. These are the ones that are considered as bases in Mandreel.

Information Architecture (IA)

IA is the element of web design in which the needs of the visitor are examined and what must be done to satisfy them. The intention of this element is to connect users to content in a simple and organized way where information can be found classified and in hierarchical order.


It is nothing more than making an application or web easy to use. A UX design must meet the needs of the users in order to provide a satisfactory experience. In order to know the usability of a website, surveys or group interviews can be carried out.

Graphic design

This element conditions the usability that the site will have. Mandreel specializes in using the visual aspect and other graphic elements such as typographies, images, icons, and colors in order to draw the users’ attention and make their browsing experience more pleasant.

Mobile First

In today’s world many users access websites from their mobile devices, so UX design has had to adapt these. In this way, a website should look great on both the computer and the mobile.


Another element that considers when making a UX design is prototyping. This is nothing more than a preliminary version where the design is tested and studied to see if it fulfills the purposes of the project. It is really a very useful element that allows adapting the website to an optimal functionality before its official launch.

At we make sure to cover these and other elements when making a UX design for your site. In this way, we ensure that our clients get a competitive site that not only generates traffic but also gives an unparalleled experience to its users.

Get a creative, attractive, and friendly environment, with content that fits the content, reality, and genuine experience. A good UX design for your website could determine its future.