Marketing surely needs a strong visual impact. If you want a marketing tool that is not only affordable but effective, then you should try conveying your promotional messages using banners or posters and a poster stand. With a poster stand, you can display your graphic better and make it more attractive. Moreover, it is more proper especially for indoor events like seminars, trade shows, and more.

Most of the poster stands are lightweight, highly portable, and easy to set up. Even if you have to do it alone, it is not a problem at all. It requires minimum efforts and space and it is definitely reusable, which allows you to save money for your marketing efforts.

If you are planning to get a poster stand, you will be faced with several different poster stand types options. Even though they have different advantages and disadvantages at some points, they basically work for the same purpose of enhancing visibility, building strong brand awareness, help you communicate your promotional messages as well as key selling points.

Here are the most common types of poster stands that you can choose. Understanding each of them is critical so that you can decide which fits your needs the best.

Retractable Poster Stand:

A lot of people also refer to this poster stand as a roll up poster stand. This type of poster stand’s mechanism, if put simply, is quite similar to a window shade. The banner that is printed is stored in the base and can be rolled up to be attached to a supporting rail to make it stand up straight.

L Poster Stand:

This poster stand’s frame has the shape of L letter with the shorter frame supports the poster stand at the base and the longer frame is where the graphic is attached and supported.

X Poster Stand

Not much different from the L poster stand, this one has X shaped frame. There are three legs that support the poster or banner put up with this poster stand. The banner or poster then will be clipped to four sides of the poster stand.

Most of these poster stands are for indoors. But depending on the manufacturer, there are some types of poster stands that can also withstand outdoor challenges as well. These poster stands are more sturdy but less flexible and mobile, but it can definitely hold off winds and other conditions outdoors and support you for successful marketing campaigns.

Posters and banners for poster stands are either made from vinyl or fabric material. Each has different durabilities and offers a different feel and look for your poster. If you want a shinier and more durable graphic, then you can choose vinyl. However, fabric material offers a distinct feel and flexibility. It doesn’t get wrinkled during transport and it does not reflect light so it is easier to be read even under high light intensity, which is the downside of the vinyl material. You are free to choose either one depending on your preferences and needs.