Thank you card is a relatively small card. The function of this card is true to its name, which is to say thank you, a simple and impactful gesture. Many young entrepreneurs use it, they include thank you cards on their products. This adds more value to consumers. Are you going to make it too? This page is right for you! Here are tips and tricks for making thank you cards. Read it until it’s finished, hope it helps! 

1. Personalize It  

A personal touch will give more value to the card that you give. The personal touch of a card can take many forms. You can include a photo with the person who receives it, writing jokes that you both only understand, something poetic, or even something silly and funny. The main purpose of giving thank you cards is not only to show gratitude, but also to keep the heart touching. Your thank you card will be more memorable than ever. 

2. Choose the Theme 

You can choose a theme according to the recipient’s favourite thing. It can be her favourite real or fictional character, it could be colours, food, flowers, and a thousand other possibilities that he/she’s sure to like. Choosing a theme will also make it easier for you to narrow down what you will write on the card. Choose a theme in line with the words you will write. You can look for references from magazines and the internet, or any other source that you want. 

3. Pick A Nice Combination of Colours 

This of course also relates to the type of theme and personal decoration that you will use. Using colour combinations will make the cards you create more lively and pleasant to look at. It is important to make sure that the recipient also gets the same perception as you when creating it. You can find references online for great colour combinations. You want your card to be more engaging and memorable, right? Therefore, consider using the tips, don’t forget to use CMYK mode on the app when you use one. 

4. Why Not Write It Yourself? 

Writing with your own hands will certainly add a personal and special impression. You just need to have a greeting card with the same default design with no written content. That way, you only need to write down the greetings on the card that is made. Be ready when she/he recognizes your writing! 

5. Choose the Right Materials 

Choosing the right material is important so that your card is not easily damaged. You need to choose a material that is thick enough so that if you write directly, the marker won’t penetrate the card. Translucent writing isn’t great for the aesthetics of the card. Thicker material will be stronger and nicer. If you want to know more, you can search for various types of materials commonly used in thank you cards. Besides, you can also ask your near printing shop about the type of material that is suitable for you. They’ll be more than happy to help. Good luck!