As we already know, sticker is one of many favorite objects for most of us. Especially for millennials generation, generation x, generation y, and generation z. It does not rule out the generation that is way older than us. How so? One of many reason stickers is widely used by many people is that because stickers are affordable, long-lasting, and can be made in any shape and color. This is also has something to do with the trend that is currently happening right now. I would like to believe that it will most likely continue until 2021 and more. Let’s dive deeper: 

1. TikTok Trends 

I mean, who doesn’t already know about this platform, right? The number of users is already very high, around 800 million people, and is still growing as you read this. If you browse further, Tiktok users are dominated by people aged adolescents to adults. There is no doubt that the number of people in the world is dominated by adolescents and adults. Okay, let’s get to the point, TikTok has been widely used for promoting a product. It can be in the form of dance, dubbing, or short video with an almost uncountable set of video format and editing style. If you look closer, people who have small, medium, and large businesses, they all use stickers as a place for their logos. They will attach the sticker to the package to be sent. Not a few of them also mentioned where they made the stickers. This provides very good exposure for sticker makers who indirectly receive free promos from videos posted on Tiktok. 

2. Affordable 

We cannot deny that no matter how much money we have, goods with good quality and cheap will always be preferable compared to similar things which are more expensive for no apparent reason. And this is the case with the sticker world, more and more business activists are using stickers as their promotional media. This is none other than the ease and freedom in making it, and what is no less important is the very affordable price. 

3. The Future of Advertising 

stickers are a medium that effective and efficient in terms of engagement with the audience, as well as costs. Why is that? First, stickers that you make, both offline and online, can be easily attached. If your sticker is attached directly to certain surfaces, then you can stick it in public spaces, on your product packaging, on your bicycle, laptop, and drinking bottle, as well as other objects that you want. People will indirectly see your sticker and embedded a soft memory on their brain. Stickers on social media are also currently a thing that everybody does, this is because of their cute shape and very attractive colors. Makes its users not satisfied if they haven’t used stickers in their posts. 

So? What are you waiting for? We are almost at the end of the year, and it is your time to plan what stickers you want to make. Good luck!