A poster is one of the most popular advertising tools for its affordable price and of course its capability to reach people and communicate the promotional message well in an effective way. However, the extent of this effectivity in delivering the promotional message lies in how well you can design the poster printing itself. Poster printing can only be effective if you can design it that way. It is important to make sure that you come up with a good design so that all the production money will not go to waste, and so that you can get the most out of your poster.

Here are several things that you need to consider as you design your poster printing.

1. Readability

A poster needs to be able to be read from a distance and appeal to the reader to draw them in and read the content of your poster. If it is difficult to read from far away, then you will have a smaller chance of getting noticed.

2. Design Balance

There is a balance that you must keep in the design of poster printing. In order to do this, you have to maintain a good hierarchy in your design that applies to the text content of your poster.

Ideally, the headline part of your poster needs to stand out the most as it is the part that is first seen by people once they land eyes on your poster printing. This part should have the largest text in the design. Following the headline, the detail information comes second. Since it is important, it needs to come in a font size that is easy to read yet smaller than the headline. The choice of the font must be clear and straightforward. Next, there is the fine print as the last in the hierarchy of design where it needs to come in the smallest font since it provides additional information to the detail information. This fine print should not hinder the rest of the content and must be kept subtle.

3. Color Contrast

Color contrast is most important when it comes to the background color and the text color. These two must-have colors that are highly contrasting with each other so that the text will pop out and appear easy to be read. Basically, dark colored background should come with a light colored text, and it goes the other way around as well. If a dark background is topped with a dark colored text, it will be difficult to read, and of course it applies the same with light colors. So, in order to make your poster printing look more pleasant to the eyes, keep this tip in mind.

4. Size and Location

Know where the poster printing will be put up because this knowledge will surely affect the decision for the size, orientation, and even color that are ideal for the design of your poster. First knowing the size and orientation that you want for your poster according to the place it will be put up on can help you design more accurately.