Rubber stamp has been used for so long even now at the technology era that relies a lot on digitization of things because its uses can’t yet be replaced fully. There’s a certain sense of authenticity when using a rubber stamp, and it has a distinct feel as well as aesthetic too. If you are a business owner, you surely have heard about how important this one tool is. It is best that you quickly get one if you haven’t had it because it is absolutely useful for authorizing and authenticating documents for formal purposes. It can also be useful for the more leisured activities such as organizing documents and even signature substitution.

There are a number of rubber stamp types that can be useful to you, the best one depends on your needs. That’s why you need to learn about them before you make a decision about what to make for you.

1. Traditional Rubber Stamp

As the name goes, this is the most basic and classic type of rubber stamp. The first kind of rubber stamp that goes around and gets used by people is this one. It has a rubber part that is cared with the design that can be customized the way you want, and this rubber part is attached to a handle. In the past, wooden handle was definitely the most popular type of handle for this type of rubber stamp. However, nowadays, you can even choose to have plastic handle. It is more lightweight, and some even has higher durability compared to the wooden handle.

The plus point about the traditional rubber stamp is that it is cheaper than the other options. Unfortunately, it is a little low when it comes to the convenience point because it requires a separate ink pad that makes it difficult for a traditional rubber stamp to be carried around. If you want to bring it to places, you have to bring the ink pad, the ink refill, as well as the stamp, which can be quite a hassle. If you seek convenience, this stamp is not for you.

2. Self inking stamp

This type of rubber stamp is more convenient compared to the traditional rubber stamp because it does not require a separate ink pad as the ink is already pre loaded. It has a built in ink pad that is filled with water based ink that makes it a lot easier for this type of stamp to bring with you anywhere. The size is quite compact and it is perfect to be carried around. Compared to the traditional rubber stamp, it can leave sharper impression and it is better for a more complicated stamp design. This is by far the most popular company stamp used by Singapore companies.

3. Pre inked stamp

A pre inked stamp is not much different compared to a self inking stamp, where this type of stamp also does not require a separate ink pad because it is equipped with an ink reservoir already. The difference between this type of stamp with the self inking stamp is that this one uses oil based ink. You have to clearly remember this and always find an oil based ink if you want to refill it and make it work properly.