Are you thinking about establishing a company in Singapore? It is necessary to hire the secretary for your company due to the uncompromised and strict rules of ACRA. The company secretary is not only for meeting the company’s legal requirements but also for offering the best advice to improve company growth. When you perform any mistake in hiring the company secretary, you will tend to confront many issues. You can either research well or contact the corporate secretarial service to hire the right person to ensure the smooth process of company tasks. Keep reading to know the benefits of hiring the reliable and trustworthy of the company secretary. 

Tips for hiring the company secretary  

Hiring the experienced corporate secretarial services will make sure that all the legal compliance is fulfilled. The secretary should be a person who is a lawyer, chartered accountant, and has appropriate educational and work qualifications. Additionally, he or she should be able to connect with the companies and people across the region. You can consider the following aspects when you are unable to find the right secretary for your company. It helps you reach the right person and enjoy tons of benefits.  

  • Check out whether the person is well versed and knowledgeable with the Singapore company law 
  • Ensure the company secretary posses appropriate financial analytics skills 
  • Must have excellent and outstanding communication skills to speak up with other companies and people 
  • Make sure the person has enough administrative and organization skills 

Benefits of hiring the company secretary 

Engaging with a competent and reliable company secretary helps you to claim the following benefits and get the chance to expand your business to reach a new level. 

  • The company secretary is highly responsible for ensuring the company complies with its regulatory duties and tasks  
  • They avoid late submissions of the annual reports. Every year, the company needs to submit the annual return to the companies registry. Corporate secretarial services takes care of all these things and makes you stay away from the hassle of paying penalties. 
  • They render immediate administrative assistance and ensure reliable communication between directors and shareholders. It helps your company run on the right path to reach the objective.  
  • They provide consistent and accurate handling of all the company administrative tasks and needs so that you can concentrate other essential tasks .
  • Hiring the company secretary is a significant investment for your business development because they invest all their knowledge and skills for your betterment. It means you can save more cash to expand your company  
  • They help the company directors with the perfect implementation of good corporate governance. They act as the best information and communication channel for the non-executive company directors 
  • They also make sure that the company seal is accessed for appropriate purposes. They direct the company to travel in the right way to fulfill the company objective and goals efficiently and quickly