Stickers and labels are one of the easiest, versatile, and cheap ways to spread words and promote almost anything. Well placed stickers can garner more attention than online advertisements. It also has a low one-time cost while having a longer shelf life. Once you’ve stuck your paper somewhere, it will stay there until it gets peeled off or the print fades. Now, you might be wondering how do you make your own stickers without expensive types of equipment. This article will tell you how.

You will have to consider the right material or medium for your Singapore sticker printing. Stickers are often printed on paper or vinyl. Papers are often cheaper if not the cheapest material for sticker making there is. There are a lot of different types of papers you can get. Paper stickers are useful for vinyl record sleeves, personalizing name tags, printing instant photo stickers, and many other creative ideas. Avery labels are one of the most commonly used material and sticker papers. Those two are good for a start. They’re easy to use and are not expensive. Avery labels have pre-cut stickers such as round labels, oval labels, square labels, and rectangular labels. These sticker labels are often used for jars and bottles. Having your homemade goods adorned with one of these stickers will enhance its personalization. You can also choose whole sheets of sticker papers if you wish to cut the stickers yourself.

To cut whole sheets of sticker papers, you may use a normal cutter. However, this is most suitable for rectangular or square stickers. If you want to cut stickers with more detail, you can consider using a circuit machine.

If you want to create water-resistant sticker labels, you will need a matte label paper and use a printer that uses pigment ink. Pigment ink creates more durable stickers that are waterproof.

You can also print stickers with a laser printer. You have to get the right type of material or paper to print your stickers on. If you don’t use the right materials, an inkjet label paper on laser can melt and ooze the adhesive onto your laser printer. If this happens, there will be damages. There is specific type of sticker paper for laser printers you can find online. You have to make sure that you use inkjet sticker paper for inkjet printers and laser sticker paper for laser printers only. This way you will avoid damaging your stickers and equipment or machines.

Another type of sticker paper you can make for your homemade stickers are vinyl stickers. To make vinyl stickers, you will need vinyl paper and print with an inkjet printer. Vinyl stickers are great for creating bumper stickers and even production labels. If you laminate your vinyl stickers, it can be waterproof and can also withstand outdoor conditions such as sunlight. The disadvantage lies in the ink where it fades quicker.

Decal stickers are more suitable for outdoor use and it has a permanent adhesive. Decal stickers are transferred onto surfaces directly. Decal stickers can be used on vehicles surfaces such as cars and motorcycles due to its more durable nature compared to other types of stickers. You can visit this website to find out more about their products.