Do you know that the wax seal is one of milligram’s popular products? It is accessible in different symbols, initials, and custom designs. Based on your needs, you can able to create wax seals. Right from weddings to baby showers, you can use wax seals and make everything unique. In some cases, it is also used in the business environment to attract customers and clients. Wax seals are nothing but engraved metal pieces. When you press the seal into wax, it leaves the impression of the engraving. It looks incredible and adds an elegant touch to anything right from homemade jams to correspondence. It has changed the seal industry dramatically in a short time and made everyone crazy about this seal. 

Uses of wax seals

People usually order wax seals stamp for all kinds of purposes, which include wedding invitations, envelope seals, cooking, craftworks, and certificates. You can use this seal to create chocolate seals and surprise everyone. You can use them at weddings and even as corporate gifts. It can be utilized with many crafts and packaging materials to give elegant touches to gifts, invitation, and other items. 

Different types of wax

Take a glance at the different kinds of wax, which can be accessed with the Wax seal.

  • Traditional wax with wick looks much similar to a candle. In the central wick, you can light and burn, which lets the wax to drip and then melt. Even though it looks stylish, it is brittle and cannot be sent in the mail. These wax are sold separately and accessible in different colors.
  • Flexible wax in the sticks can be melted with the oil burner or lighter. After that, it can be spooned out. Since the wax is adjustable, you can utilize it for correspondence. It is available in sets of four and different colors. Based on your needs, you can go with the right one.
  • Wax for wax gum is specially designed to use with the low heat. The sticks are made from the wax, which would not chip or break easily. Therefore, you can send these sticks on the back of the envelope. It is a perfect choice for developing embellishments and adding decorative accents on the gift packages, greeting cards, invitations, and glass bottles. 
  • Sealing wax is made from the high-quality wax as the stick. You can melt this stick with the oil burner or even place the spoon over the heat. It is incredibly easier to use and works well for all your projects.

Tips to use the wax seals

  • Add the extra flourish to wax seal in Singapore with the help of a powdered ink pad for the seals. Press your seal on the ink pad top before stamping it onto the high-quality wax. Usually, the powdered ink develops a more profound contrast in your seal design.
  • When using flexible wax sticks, you should be ready to act fast because the wax melts fastly. Then, leave the seal sitting in the wax as long as it becomes hardened.