Flyers, brochures, stickers, and banners are the few low cost alternatives that are not only cheap but also effective and advantageous. This time, we’ll go over one alternative in particular which is the banner.

A banner such as x stand is terrific for outdoor advertising especially if you don’t really have the time and resources to personally reach out to people like the way you have to do with brochures and flyers. A banner is put up or hung and that’s pretty much it. For as long as it is not taken down, it will do advertising and marketing for you without fail, reaching out to the right target audience.

However, of course it is not that easy. In order for a banner to be successful, you first have to create a design that is attractive. A banner needs to be interesting enough to reel people in and convince them into what you are trying to promote.

To know what you can do to make a banner design more effective and interesting, then read more below.

1. Vibrant Colors

The choice of color greatly impacts the impression and attractiveness of a banner. It is usually better to choose a brightly colored color for a banner because it really catches the eyes of people as they pass by the area.

Of course, the color choice must match the impression your company and campaign wants to give off. It has to be suitable for the theme of your program or campaign. It is important to choose the right color because colors can really trigger emotion and give off a certain type of impression depending on what color it is.

One important tip in choosing the colors to include in your banner is that make sure that the contrast balance is maintained well between the background color and text color. If the background is light, then the text should be dark and vice versa. This is to make sure that the text stands out against the background, thus making it easier to read.

2. Keep fonts simple

Absolutely keep yourself away from using fancy fonts. They only make it difficult for the content of your banner to be read and they possibly make misunderstanding, meaning ineffective message delivery. Always make sure that the fonts that you choose are simple and easy to read as well as appropriate according to the theme.

3. Content

Less is more when it comes to the content of a banner. Try to deliver your promotional message in simple sentences that are easy to understand while being interesting at the same time. A creative copywriting is a very beneficial skill in creating a banner.

4. Graphics and Images

Make it more fun by inserting graphics or images into your design. They can really help our target audience visualize what you are offering as well as make it more interesting to see. In choosing an image to include in your banner design, pay attention to its resolution. Since banner printing means large size and high quality printing, then you have to choose images that have a high resolution of a minimum of 300 dpi to make sure that it can maintain its quality upon printing.