Sending business letters or other important documents is very important in a company’s operation. Making sure that those letters and documents get read instead of put away is required. One of the ways companies do to make their letters more interesting and eye-catching is by envelope printing in Singapore, creating custom personalized designs. A more colorful, well-designed envelopes leave a bigger impression and impact on the receiver and it will benefit your company in its mailing activities.

There are a few different types of envelopes that are used for enterprise mailings such as A4, C5, and #10 size envelopes. Get someone who is familiar with designing, or contact a printing service to help you in creating a better-looking professional envelope.

An A4 envelope size is 210×297 millimeters, and a C5 envelope has a size of 162×229 millimeters. These are commonly used for business letters, official documents, corporate invites, and many other important business purposes. Meanwhile, A4 envelopes are used more often for less formal invites such as a wedding or party. The larger the surface of your envelope is, the more you can implement your creativity on it.

To make a good custom envelope, here are a couple of things you must consider.

1. Printing material quality

The quality of the paper and ink of your choice in printing your envelope by determining the final quality of your product. The higher quality the raw materials are, the better the printed envelopes will be. A4 and C5 envelope printing are usually done on high-quality uncoated alabaster paper. Premium quality papers are crisp free, they are also resistant to tear and wear. This will ensure the quality of your envelopes during delivery and their safe arrival.

Determining the colors, hues, and pattern also contribute to the quality. Remember to keep your envelopes looking professional and formal while trying to create a unique design that stands out.

2. Template design or self design

You can choose whether you want to use a custom template that’s already available to choose from or create your designs from scratch on your own. If you are unfamiliar with design software, you can use the help of a printing service in translating your ideas into a printable design and get their insights regarding your choices for your envelopes. You can also consult on design experts to create the perfect design for you.

3. Printing quantity

Envelopes are made by order and printed for every type of need. If you order in small quantities of about a hundred each, you can print different designs for different purposes every once in a while and avoid spending too much money on bulk orders that may not satisfy your standards or needs and end up with too many unused envelopes. At the end of the day, this decision will depend heavily on your company. There is also nothing wrong with printing general design envelopes if deemed more appropriate.

Small quantity orders will also impact on the time of delivery. Larger or bulk orders will require the printing service a long time to process and deliver.