Designing your wedding invitation and card printing in Singapore on your own? Why not? It can save quite a lot of money, especially that you don’t have to hire a graphic designer. There are of course limitations to what you can do compared to a professional, but there are a lot of sources that can help you create outstanding designs in a few easy steps these days. So, don’t worry. Here are several things that you need to remember and consider as you design your own wedding invitation:

1. The theme of the invitation

Deciding on the theme you want to go for is a great first step. Brainstorming is important because it can really help you design easier later on. By deciding on a design, it is a lot easier to find suitable colors, fonts, styles, decorations, embellishments, and other things that can help your wedding invitation look good. You can come up with any kind of theme, but make sure that you stick to it and find a good balance between everything included in the design.

2. Font

Font style really affects the look of your name card. You can choose more than one, you can be extravagant with it. But remember not to overdo your font style choice. For wedding invitations, it is appropriate to choose fonts that are quirky or elegant, especially for specific parts of the design such as the name of the bride and the groom. But be considerate and choose a normal kind of font for the rest of the content so that people can easily read everything, especially important information such as the date, place, and dress code. To make sure that they do, you also have to be able to decide on a font size that is not too big yet not too small so that the content can be easily read without forcing people to squint upon seeing your wedding invitation.

3. Invitation Shape and Size

Really, what holds you back? Nowadays, you can create a wedding invitation in any shape and size. With die-cutting, anything is possible. Just make sure that it does not come off as bulky and difficult to bring, because it may cause people inconvenience. Also, it is best that it is not too small as well so that people won’t easily lose it.

4. Colors

Vibrant colors are the great colors that you can choose so that your wedding invitation looks attractive. But, there is no rule that says you can’t use black or other dark colors as well. Just make sure that all the colors that you use for the wedding invitation work well with each other to create a look that is pleasant to the eyes. Also, pay attention to the contrast between the background or paper color with the color of the text. They have to be of great contrast, meaning that if the background is light, then the text should be dark, and it goes the other way around as well. It is so that the text can be easily read and it pops up against the background.