A name card is absolutely important in the world of business or professional work. As you continuously grow, you will inevitably have to engage with more people that will most likely benefit you and help you with the advances of your business or work. One of the best and most proper way to introduce yourself first to start meaningful relations is by using a name card.

An express name card printing is essential and you can’t just have it designed and printed half-heartedly. You need to make sure that it looks perfect and can represent you well so that it can help you get a great first impression that actually lasts.

People tend to make mistakes by just putting in not enough effort into designing their name cards. Surely you don’t want it to look mediocre, so you have to make sure that you can have an outstanding name card design that makes it effective as it is handed out. Here are some designing essentials for making a name card:

1. Relevant Information Only

A name card won’t look good if it has an overly crowded design with so many texts on it. An ideal and effective name card has information that is important and nothings that are unnecessary. Some people get tempted to insert more information than necessary into the design of their name card, but it shouldn’t be done. There should be some space in the name card, which means you can’t fill up the design with excessive words. If you need to deliver more information with your name card, try to utilize the two sides of the paper and arrange it so that it still looks pleasant and not crowded.

2. Legibility

The legibility of your name card improves as you choose the larger font size, in general. However, making the text of your name card too big is not good so try to keep it at a size that is easy to be read from a reasonable distance but not too big. Of course, the font style matters too. Don’t get tempted into choosing one that is overly fancy or stylized just to make your name card look unique compared to the rest. It will stand out that way, most likely, but the information delivery won’t be successful and effective because the text is most likely difficult to read. Choose a font that goes along well with the theme of the name card and simple enough to be read by anyone yet still looks proper and professional.

3. Paper Stock

The quality of your name card also relies on the paper stock that you choose for it. The quality of papers that are available to choose for a name card varies, usually depending on its weight. The heavier the paper is, the thicker it is. Thicker paper stocks are more durable and feel more professional. Choosing a premium quality paper can be a good strategy to raise the level of your name card and it surely gives you a better and more lasting impression upon the receiver as well.