Express name card printing service is available for you who are in a rush. Even though your name card needs to be printed in a shorter time, it does not mean that you can put in a half-hearted work into the design. It is actually one of the most important parts of producing a name card since it needs to leave an impression, especially if you are a professional. A name card represents you and your company, so you have to make sure that it looks good. These are what you have to remember and pay attention to as you design a name card:

1. Design Principles

Stick to these simple yet important basics. Even though later on you want to create a name card that looks interesting and stand out compared to the others, you can never forget the fundamental tips as you design your name card.

First off, work in 300 dpi. Before you proceed into designing, make sure that the settings are right. 300 dpi also applies for anything that you insert into the design of your name cards, such as images or graphics. This resolution ensures high quality printing so that nothing gets stretched or pixellated upon printing.

Up next, pay attention to the typography of your name card design. A name card is designed to provide information. Thus, it needs to be able to deliver it well. Making sure that people can read the entirety of your name card without problem by choosing typography that looks pleasant and easy to read is very important in making sure that you are designing a name card that does only look good but also effective and legible.

Next, to avoid your name card getting trimmed at the important part, remember to keep the key copy 5 mm away from the edges of the name card.

2. Make the Most of the Available Space

A name card is small, thus it has very limited space. Since it is a blank canvas, you have to be able to utilize all the available space. But of course, make sure that it does not look overcrowded and overwhelming. You can indeed tweak the size and print a larger name card, but still, an important layout design is important to make sure that it can fit all the necessary information that you need to deliver to the recipient of your name card. Make your name card look more interesting with colors, images, and fonts that work well with each other.

3. Printing Finishes

To make your name card look even better and more durable, you should definitely consider a finish for it. Most people at the very least coat their name card. It adds a shine to your name card and can make it more resistant toward moisture, tearing, and other damages. If you want to make your name card appear even more interesting, you can choose embossing that can make the surface of your name card elevated. With this, you name card will have an interesting feel to it. These simple finishes can still be done even with express name card printing, and they definitely raise the level of your name card.