Jayalalithaa died officially announced CM OF TN is no more Twitter tweets

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Jayalalithaa is hospitalized on October 23rd in Apollo Hospitals of Chennai due to fever and dehydration. And later on, she was treating for recovering from the Infection. From these days Jaya Lalitha was in the Hospital. But on the Sunday evening Doctors tweeted that CM Jaya Lalitha was Cardiac Arrest so she is moved back to ICU and She was Treating with a team of doctors from AIIMS Delhi. Where a Special Cardiologists and pulmonologists were present and intensivist from London Dr. Richard Belae is assisting the Apollo Hospital Doctors.

Jayalalithaa died officially announced CM OF TN is no more Twitter tweets

But at presently Governor C. Vidya Sagar Rao and the central minister came to Apollo Hospital and stated that Doctors are not said anything. By these people are concluding that AMMA was no more to them, so they are angry. CM Jayalalithaa was presently living on ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). And life supports said Apollo Hospital On Monday and doctor Richard Beale reported that prayers of people should save AMMA, by this words we can conclude that it is the very critical situation for CM Jaya Lalithaa.

Jayalalithaa died officially announced CM OF TN is no more Twitter tweets
Jayalalithaa died officially announced CM OF TN is no more Twitter tweets

Some of Media Channels declared that AMMA was no more to us by this people are angry at the outside of the hospital. But Apollo Hospital Management claimed that treatment is still going on, and AMMA is fine and released some medical Tests also, and don’t trust that type of rumors. By the Rumours of channels Flag on the Party office was removed, but after Apollo Hospital declaration of AMMA medical status, they hosted the flag again.

But Jaya Lalithaa is still Living on the Life Supporter System so it may be Mysterious about Health Condition. Jaya Lalithaa is in ICU with ECMO Cardiac machines. Jayalalithaa has diabetes so liver is also not working properly. Beyond this Party Members of the AIADMK are scheduled an immediate meeting at the Party Office, about who will be the Next CM of the TN.

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One Comment

  1. Suhana

    December 6, 2016 at 11:15 am

    In spite of TN government declaring state mourning,Ganga hospital in Coimbatore is working with full staff and doctors on duty (for their profit)making it impossible for people to pay their last rites.other hospitals are working like a Sunday.will Ganga hospital do the same if their owner died.if people have such irreverence denying commoners to see cm for 1 last time then what is wrong in committing riots and breaking that hospital?


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