H1B Visa Reform Bill USA Doubled to $130000, increased from the current threshold of $60000

If the immigration ban didn’t seem hard enough for the foreign-country visitors in the U.S., the new ruling that is said to be going official soon should make it harder for the tech professionals and the companies hiring them. According to the latest reports, Trump’s administration has drafted an executive order that aims at doubling the minimum salary of H-1B visa holders.

For Indians, this is a major strike-down since it isn’t only the IT professionals who get H-1B and L1 visas, but the draft if approved will reduce the issuance of authorization cards given to the spouses of the work visa holders.

The previous President Barack Obama had extended the duration of optional practice training work visas, which was taken advantage of by the Indian students who stay a bit longer in the U.S. after the completion of their studies. Trump’s order will reverse this decision, alongside the crackdown on the minimum salary check, which is said to be about $130000, increased from the current threshold of $60000.

Wondering what H1B visa is? It is the non-immigrant visa that would allow the companies from U.S. to employ foreign workers in occupations that require expertise in specialized fields, and it is this visa that companies are dependent on to hire thousands of employees every year.

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