Elections 2017 Results UP, Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand | BJP Bangs Uttar Pradesh

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Elections 2017

This year’s Assembly elections results for the states Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa, and Manipur were quite different from the expectations we were given by the exit polls. In the case of U.P, according to Times Now-VMR exit polls BJP would get around 190-210 seats out of a total of 403 seats. The poll saw the SP-Congress alliance trail with 110-130 seats, while the Mayawati-led BSP gets 57-74 seats and others to secure eight seats. BJP took the country by storm with a staggering 290+ seats. SP-Congress got only 72 eats. BSP got 24 with other parties getting 6 votes.

In the state of Punjab, CVoter exit poll has predicted a clear majority for AAP on its debut in Punjab with at least 65 seats out of 177 seats in total. While Congress was expected to be a close second with 40-50 seats, SAD-BJP alliance will scrape with just a few seats here and there with a little more than 10 seats. But in the end the majority was given to Congress with a surprising 65 seats followed by SAD-BJP with 28 seats and AAP preceded it with a close margin of 24 seats. Accurate to exit polls, other parties didn’t get any seats.

The BJP and the Congress were projected to finish neck and neck with 32 seats each in the 70-member assembly. The difference in vote share of the two main contenders in Uttarakhand will be just 0.1 per cent, according to C-Voter exit poll predictions. Other parties got 5 seats.

For the smallest state in our country Goa, BJP was predicted to get 15-21 seats out of a total of 40 seats. Congress to get 12-18 seats. AAP are predicted to get about 4 seats and other parties to get 2-8 votes. Completely different from the expected norm, Congress gained the Majority with 17 seats, followed by BJP with 7 and other parties getting 2 seats.

According to exit polls, out of the total seats of 60, it was predicted that Congress and BJP would be neck and neck with 25 and 24 seats respectively where as other parties will get 11 seats. However congress is leading over BJP with 19 seats over 16 seats, with other parties getting 10 seats.

The final results will be declared by the evening.

*The above information was given according to current information and was based on LEADS and not on final result.

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