Do you need to start a bakery in Singapore? If yes then it is the right decision. Singapore is one of the most popular states in Southeast Asia to begin a company in the food industry. There are numerous options combined with the budget established for bakery business in order to provide great expansion chances to foreign investors those who are coming to Singapore. Basically, the company set up in Singapore is so easy and simple task.

Those who don’t like to open a restaurant can try and open other kinds of food-related business like bakeries. If you need to open a bakery in Singapore, it is essential to hire an agent of company formation in Singapore. The agent will provide you with full details on how to open a bakery in Singapore. In the below section you will be getting more details about it.

Why need to start a bakery in Singapore

The bakery is one of the types of food-related business. Most of the people like to begin a business and gain numerous successes in their life. One of the most essential reasons for investors to decide that this kind of businesses can be set as small companies and the government of Singapore supports small scale company which can operate from the comfort of home. Thus the below are some of the reasons to start a bakery business in Singapore:

  • Most politically and stable country in Asia
  • Provide quality of life
  • Ease of doing business
  • Best for the labor force
  • The 3rd wealthiest nation in the world
  • A most globalized economy country in the world     

Things needed to register a company

The foreign enterprises who need to open bakery business in Singapore must follow some rules and regulations. In order to successfully register a company in Singapore, one must have the following things:

  • Must register a company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore
  • Need to apply for the tax identification number, GST number, and social security
  • Find out the suitable place where the products can be cooked and sold
  • Must apply for a food shop license with the Singapore National Agency
  • Apply for other special licenses such as import and export permits

Thus the above are the things required in order to start a bakery in Singapore. For the Singapore business formation process, the foreign entrepreneurs can rely on company registration.

Guide on how to begin a bakery business in Singapore

Most of the people like to start a company in Singapore due to a lot of reasons. Baking is one passion which has been communicable up lately. The bakers who are aspiring to bring their dream into life must know how to begin a successful bakery business in Singapore. Just make use of the below guide on how to begin a bakery business in Singapore without any hassle.

  • Create a bakery business plan
  • Choose a location for your bakery company
  • Get all licenses needed to open a bakery in Singapore
  • Acquire manpower to start a bakery
  • Do accurate marketing & branding of your bakery business